Question: Will the mask/s I receive look like the ones pictured on your site?

Answer: Yes. However they may vary slightly due to them being hand painted. I also sell the Official Trick or Treat Studios Masks that I purchase directly from Trick or Treat Studios.

Question: Do you still make the Jason Remake Jacket from 2009?

Answer:  No. I no longer make those. The main reason is, they no longer make the two coats used in the film. I have found an alternative for the bottom coat, so you can Frankenstein something together. I just unfortunately don't have the time to do them anymore. 

Question: How long does free shipping take when available?

Answer: It depends. I'm located in Ohio, so it may take 2-5 days depending on where you're located. 

Question: How long do hockey mask orders take?

Answer: It depends. I usually try and make a run of 10 at a time, and finish them before I take them out of Pre-Order Status. That way I can just ship them out immediately after they are purchased. If you want to pre-order a hockey mask I would say on average 4-6 Weeks is the usual wait time. I work two jobs on top of doing this on the side, so I can get backed up at times. I'll always keep you posted along the way though. I'm big on Communication. If there's a delay, I will let you know asap. 

Question: I pre-ordered an item. How long will it take to arrive?

Answer: It can take up to two-four weeks. It kinda depends on which item it is. I'll let you know as soon as I have an estimated arrival date on when it gets to me. Due to the backed up shipping ports, container shortages, and worker shortages,Things have slowed down drastically. Items are getting delayed left and right, and ETA dates are subject to change without notice. However, I try my best to update you throughout the process. If I am updated on the status of your items you have on pre-order, I will update you with the updates I receive from my suppliers. I can usually box up and ship out items the same or next business day they come in. If you need an item at a certain time, feel free to contact me and I'd be glad to help you out anyway I can. I usually try and keep a lot of items in stock so I can ship them out faster.

Question: When you place a Pre-Order, does it charge you right away, or when the item ships?

Answer: When you place a Pre-order, you're charged at checkout right away. 

Question: Do you offer Payment Plans?

Answer: Yes, You can checkout With Shop Pay which allows you to make multiple payments until the full balance is paid off. This allows you to make bigger purchases without having to pay the full amount upfront. 

Question: My package was lost or stolen. What can you do?

Answer: I'm not responsible for lost or stolen packages. If you live in a questionable neighborhood, or there is a lot of theft from people's porches in your area, or an apartment. I highly suggest you add the signature confirmation at checkout. That way it will give you, and me peace of mind, knowing that somebody can't walk by the place you live, and take the package. However, I will try my best to assist you the best to my ability to make sure you get the item/s you ordered.

I'll be adding more asap. Thanks for looking.