Conjuring the Absence of Light 

Darrin Willgues is a versatile horror artist. He’s been making masks, costumes, props, as well as painting and drawing since he was very young. He attended and graduated from 2 Makeup schools in Hollywood California.

Darrin has provided Makeups, and Costumes for numerous short films, and low budget horror flicks. Darrin is always working hard on making your nightmares come to life. Whether it’s masks, costumes, drawings, or paintings he’ll conjure up creations that are truly nightmarish.

Darrin opened Ghoulish Creations LLC in 2006. Over the years he has been adding numerous Halloween Masks, Costumes, Props, and other items to bring his webstore to life. He is also a vendor for other companies so he can also offer other high quality products aside from his own.  He explains that he is truly grateful to have the opportunity to offer you all such great products, and like you all, he is a huge Horror Fanatic! Darrin says he wants to give all the horror fans a one stop shop for all their collection needs. He adores the Horror Community, and loves any chance he gets to help out a fellow Horror Fan. 

Darrin resides underneath your bed in Cleveland, OH.